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Join My 5 Day FREE Clean Eating Group!


Join My 5 Day FREE Clean Eating & Fitness Challenge!

Next Challenge Starts November 7th! (Deadline to join November 4th!!!)


I would like to thank you for your interest in my 5 day Clean Eating Challenge! The average weight lost for participants has been 5-7 lbs.

Wh0? For frustrated cyclists or non-cyclists alike that struggle with being overweight, and want to perform better on and off the bike.  Frustrated by improper nutrition and training and lack of understanding of how to become a better healthier person.

What is the 5 Day Clean Eating & Fitness Challenge? It is a simple and healthy meal plan . You simply pick 5 breakfasts, lunch, dinners, and some snacks (or a few meals to repeat through the week that serve more).  It requires some grocery shopping and a little bit of prep, but in truth, this will be one of the easiest programs you’ve ever tried. I am all about keeping things simple. We are all so busy and I definitely take that into consideration when I put these groups together.salmon-518032_640

Where? Your Home

When? I run this group once a month so there is always a chance to jump in!


 The 5-Day Challenge requires you to:

1. Follow my easy menu (3 meals / 2-3 snacks each day)

2. Drink at least 80 oz H20 each day (or Half your body weight is a good key)

3. Every day will include a fitness challenge along with clean eating.  If you are not already doing a workout do your best to add these daily activities to it.

4. Post daily in our FB private group with a comment about how your day went. Also a great way to meet some amazing new people!

a. “Menu was on point loved the breakfast! My water suffered a bit only 32oz. I biked for 35 mins!”

b. “I ate all my meals/snacks and drank 100 oz water! I did 30 mins of Cize! I feel amazing!!!”


This challenge is meant to kick start your weight loss routine, keep you accountable and get

your body moving!


Here are some quotes from previous participants-

  • Tom C. That’s 6 lbs gone for me and I’ve already noticed a difference on the climbs this week! What’s next?
  • Nicole B. 5lb. total for me. I’m loving that!
  • Amy P. Are you kidding me?!?! 6 lbs  this week, that is huuuuge!!! I finally broke the plateau!!!
  • Kimberly J. 8.6 lbs for me. I am totally fine with that. I feel great and food already in frig and a new weekly menu already posted. Ready to keep up and get to my goal!!!  It’s great to be back on track and motivated to live a healthy lifestyle
  • Pamela C. 5 lbs for me! I’m thrilled with that. Thanks to the coaches and everyone for all the motivation and support. Loved this challenge!
  • Teresa D. I am super happy with the 6 pound drop over the week, and will continue to eat clean until i reach my goal. I feel fantastic, thank you everyone for all the wonderful support! It was a great challenge to motivate me to get my butt in gear and get going with living a healthier life.
  • Jamie B. 4 lbs total for me. I am delighted for any weight to go away!! My real enjoyment has been interacting and watching this group of people come together and gel like a team. Great stuff!!
  • Sonja N. Lost 5.8 pounds! Have worked out for months but the scale hasn’t budged. I’m thrilled with this loss and am going to continue! Hoping to do the 21 say challenge!
  • Molly A. 16.3 lbs! 5″ off my waist. I’m Hooked! Hoping to do the 21 Day Challenge next! Last year I had Breast Cancer, a Hysterectomy, Gallbladder removed.. Several more procedures and Radiation all in the first six months. I am TIRED of being tired, fat and out of breath. You will be seeing more of me in these challenges!
  • Kimberly J. I just want to say what a pleasure it was to be grouped with all of you. It was so nice to be held accountable and it made me work harder because I know others were “watching”. Thank you to everyone for the support given to me and others….we are all winners. Be blessed in your next challenge and keep at it……WE GOT THIS!!!! Kimberly
  • Kim C. This week eating clean was not as difficult as I had thought…and it felt great! I know that this week has helped me realize how easy it can be and how wonderful I felt. If I can make small changes each day….and remember the simple rules…I can continue to stay on track. I thank everyone here for the support…and wish everyone the best!!! My total weight loss was 5lbs…not too shabby…I am very proud of myself. Excited to continue what I’ve learned!!!
  • Christine R. I feel great and haven’t stopped!:)–lost almost 4 pounds so far! I loved the support/accountability that the challenge provided along with the food guide–helped me a lot!! Thanks for the motivation!


This is going to be a great experience and I am excited to work with you! I have a few quick questions for you to answer so that I can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Let’s Get Started!

I am looking forward to your responses and can’t wait to get you started!

(Typical response time is within 24 hours)

Thank you!!

Brent Bivona

Feel free to text anytime or call 9-5 EST


5 Day Free Group

    on a scale of 1-5 (1 being terrible and 5 being perfect)
    If you have a Team Beachbody Coach please reach out to them first to see if they can help you.
  • If you signed up, you've got one! If they are helping you, perfect. Reach back out to the coach you're working with. If they aren't helping, we need to get that fixed.
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