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The Fit Cyclist Project- 30 Day Online Bootcamp

racing-bike-598195_640Next Online Challenge Starts : December 1st

For struggling or frustrated cyclists and NON-cyclists are welcome too!


Do you want to be lighter, faster stronger so you can ride better?

As Cyclists it is our constant desire to be the lightest and fastest we can be on our bike. Each season we ride and train in hopes of being stronger and better able to ride with the group or crest that hill without gasping for our last breath. All too often the reality is we have not taken the time to train our bodies to be stronger on the bike and we spend the cycling season working to get in shape so we won’t be embarrassingly dropped in the group ride, charity ride or race. By the end of the season we finally feel like we are just coming into form and boom, season over.  The following year we repeat with the same frustration, the vicious endless cycle of gaining weight in the off season, riding to get in shape in season and the frustration with never actually improving and enjoying our full potential on the bike. It’s time to change that!


Tired of not realizing your full cycling potential? 

Do  you really think spending a grand on that new wheel set is really going to make you that much faster when the real solution is dropping 10-20 lbs or more off your body frame?

Let’s face it, The key to being faster is being lighter, leaner and stronger. With a focus on: Core Strengh/ Stability, Balance, Muscular Strength, Flexibility, and Cardio respiratory Conditioning off the bike you will make significant improvements on the bike with less time. It’s that simple!

Too often I hear cyclists say they only train on the bike. That the best way to be a better cyclist is to just ride and ride a lot. That’s what we’ve been told for too long.

Cycling is a sport that requires attention to cross-training to increase core strength and eliminate fatigue and the risk for injury on as well as off the bike. You will ride better and be more efficient with a proper cross training program. Besides, you are only a cyclist for a few hours a week so being a well rounded stronger, fitter, leaner, healthier human being with a better quality of life will make in turn make you The Fit Cyclist you’ve always wanted to be.

No matter if you would like to lose weight, increase lean muscle mass or improve cycling performance, the proven formula of the bootcamp challenge is simple:



Invest in your fitness and health and your riding will drastically improve! Now is the time!


cyclists-753903_640 You and I will discuss a program and nutrition plan that you will receive for between $160-$205. All the workouts (Between 21-90 days in length) and nutrition plan are included, as well as a full time membership to our FitCyclist Support Group. This is a one time payment and all the items will be yours to keep and reuse.  Yes, I know a personal trainer AND a nutrition coach can charge upwards of $500 each month, but I refuse to do that. You’re going to be saving a bunch of money, yet have more support. 

The reason why this program is so successful and most others aren’t, is the support you will get from me and my team, which comes included with your program. Anyone can find a program and nutrition plan. Not everyone can find a certified trainer, nutrition and cycling coach who has been there, struggled and found success.

I will be spending a considerable amount of time helping you reach your goals and keeping you motivated. That means I only want people who have a real desire for change. If that’s you, fill out the below form. Once it has been submitted, you will be asked to choose a method of communication. That way we can figure out a program that will work specifically based on your goals.

Let’s Rock this!

For a time challenged cyclist, one of the greatest benefits of 30 day group is that it can be completed in your own home with minimal to no equipment and you can implement it into your cycling schedule as well. You won’t be wasting any time commuting to a gym then waiting around for weights and machines. Less time at the gym means more time on the bike!

Your fitness program will include a nutrition guide that has been prepared by a team of nutritionists & dietitians. Your Fit Cyclist Package also includes a 30-day supply of an incredibly yummy nutritional power house made from clean whole foods resourced from fertile soils located around the world-no artificial ingredients whatsoever in this super-smoothie. We want to make sure you are fueling your body properly-especially during the first 21 days of the challenge when your body will need it the most.

together-235128_640When you join the 21 Day Fit Cyclist Project Group, you will receive 1 on 1 support from me-a lifelong Cyclist, USA Cycling Certified Coach Certified Personal Trainer and P90X Live Cert. Instructor. Together we will work toward your fitness and nutrition goals. You will also have access to our private community of cyclists just like you! You will be surrounded by people who are committed to Get Fit To Ride Better. This multi-level support system is set up to keep you accountable and motivated throughout this Challenge and beyond.
success-938345_640When FITNESS + NUTRITION + SUPPORT come together, they create the ultimate recipe for cycling fitness and performance. By joining in the Fit Cyclists online bootcamp, you will have access to all three elements on a daily basis. No matter if you would like to lose weight, increase lean muscle or improve cycling performance, the proven formula of the The Fit Cyclist Project will give you the tools to get you the results. Are you ready!

Here are some quotes from previous participants-

  • Lauren K. WOW!!!! 16 lbs gone gone gone!!!! I feel so much healthier and have a ton more energy and I am only 42 days into my new journey!!! so thrilled!!!
  • Karen L. 12lbs is a great start, I know I have a long way to go but thanks Brent, you believed in me and the accountability of the group was amazing!
  • Bob C. I finally feel like I can reach my goals!!! I have been trying so hard and I am now two rounds in and almost 40 lbs gone!!! I am so much stronger and faster on my bike!!! I told  my wife I now earned a new wheelset!!!
  • Carol C. 12 lbs down!!! I put 12 lbs in a back pack the other day and wore it around for a while…yes it feels good to be where I am and more to go!!! What’s next Brent?!?!!
  • Matt C. Alright 16 lbs lost in 5 weeks really. 2 inches off my waist. And my clothes fit way better. Tons of energy and ready to go again. One thing I noticed which made me very happy is my resting heart rate went from an average of 86 to 76 in the past 5 weeks. Pretty cool stuff. Matt C.
  • Bev J. Took me doing a few of your 5 days before I committed to the 21 day after 3 rounds and committing to Shakeology, I am now down 42 lbs. and still a few more to go! So Excited!!!
  • Ken W. Seriously, you were right about getting fit to ride better! I just crushed my Tue. night group ride! Leg and core strength have never been better and I don’t have the arm fatigue anymore!


The Fit Cyclist Project was developed for the cyclist who realizes that you don’t just ride to get better on the bike, you cross train to be better, stronger, lighter, faster on and off the bike. To join the next 30 Day Fit Cyclist Project, simply fill out the form below. You will then receive an email from me with further instructions.
Space is limited in order for me to provide personal coaching for each participant. Once the spaces for the next group are filled, I will place you on the waiting list for the next group.


After you complete the form, please CHECK YOUR INBOX AND SPAM folder for further instructions.


Fit Cyclist Bootcamp application

  • If you signed up, you've got one! If they are helping you, perfect. Reach back out to the coach you're working with. If they aren't helping, we need to get that fixed.
  • for instance, any medical reasons, or events coming up, etc
  • This is a question about time and support at home.
  • Would you like to hear how your results can help you get paid by helping others?
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