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Top 5 Workout Excuses and Fixes

fitness-1348867_640Top 5 Workout Excuses and Fixes

I get it, you are busy, tired, over worked, exhausted, you travel and can’t find the time or energy to fit in a workout yet alone have the desire. You miss a workout here and there…heck you miss several days in a row and soon your left wondering what happened and how you can get yourself back in the game or is it even worth it at this point. I don’t need to tell you how important exercise is, at least not right now but It’s time to get back in the game and back to your health. check out my 5 tips below to crush your excuses and get your badass self back on track.


Excuse 1: I’m too tired.
The Fix: Try changing up the fuel in your tank. If you want to run like a Ferrari you need to be putting in the right fuel to keep your engine clean, mean, efficient and fast. get rid of high carb, energy spiking granola bars or yogurt snacks and put in some high octane energy producing snacks like a handful of nuts (I like unslated almonds or sesame seeds), a protein shake or super foods shake Shakeology. If it’s early morning and I don’t want to eat before I workout ,I like to use a “clean” pre-workout (natural ingredients, no artificial anything) like Energize to get me pumped, ready and rockin’!


Excuse 2: You don’t have the time…er…ever.
The Fix: We are all busy, but we all have 30-60 min in the day somewhere to get our selves in shape. Let’s say you only have 30 min or less, great! There are tons of awesome workouts you can do in under an hour. Did you know that you can maximize your workout time and effectiveness with some HIIT’s?! Yup, that’s right, with less than 10 minutes of high intensity interval training (HIIT*) performed within a workout lasting less than 30 minutes you can improve aerobic capacity and endurance in just a few weeks time!   There are plenty of awesome HIIT type workouts on Beachbody On Demand that you can do anywhere.


Excuse 3: Working out is hard work and I don’t like running or lifting weights.
The Fix: That’s cool, I’m all about finding enjoyable exercise you will be passionate about and look forward to doing everyday! Yup everyday, even on your days off or “rest day” you will be missing it and  itching to get back to it. Maybe it’s cycling, paddle boarding, rock climbing, dancing or something else that gets your body moving and shaking let’s find your love. You will feel energized, re-vitalized, confident and excited for your workouts.


Excuse 4: I travel a lot.
The Fix: Cool, like a new adventure everyday then. Turn your excuse of travel into a “can’t wait for my next adventure.” Every hotel has a gym or workout area, some even have an in-house fitness concierge. So awesome!!! Westin hotels, for example, will not only hook you up with workout clothes and a fresh pair of running shoes for just $5, but will also take you on a group run if you’re interested. Want to have access to amazing workouts you can stream right from your phone, laptop, ipad, tablet!? Beachbody on Demand is simply the best and you can follow a top notch scientifically designed fitness program and never be guessing what to do for a workout. There are plenty of routines you can do right in your hotel room with limited space.


Excuse 5: I’ve got little kids so you know…
The Fix: Try scheduling your workout time early morning when kids are asleep, at school or when your spouse can watch them. Maybe you take turns morning and evening so you each can get in a workout. It can be tough when you have infant and toddlers but maybe during nap time can work. Older kids might allow you to carve out some exercise time in another room, but you’ll still need to be home. That’s where streaming services (like Beachbody On Demand) can be a lifesaver. I prefer early morning when my wife and 3 kids are still sleeping. This is my uninterrupted “me time” and I look forward to it.


*HIIT study at McMaster University.

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