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Pre-Ride Bike Checklist

Cycling Pre-ride Bike Check

It’s always good habit to do a quick check of your gear before you head out on the road or trail.

Here are a few things I recommend you take a quick look at to ensure your safety and enjoy a fun trouble free ride. This is especially important if you haven’t ridden your bike in awhile

  • Check Tires-Your Pressure & Condition (look on sidewall of tire for correct psi, make sure tires are not worn or cracked and dried out.)
  • Check Brakes (damn important, make sure they work!)old-316094_640
  • Check Quick Releases  Front/Rear make sure they are tightened. (you don’t need these babies coming loose bombing a hill any time soon.)
  • Check Your Bolts  (bolts loosen…I swear gnomes or elves loosen these things just because)
  • Check Seat and Handlebar Height (gnomes at it again, never over tighten if you have a carbon frame. Make sure to use a torque wrench set to proper torque or have your local bike shop help you.)
  • Check Light-Batteries (It is always good to have a BRIGHT rear light that has flashing options to catch the eye of a driver. I swear by a light and feel that people tend to give you more room with a flashing light on your bike than no light at all.)
  • Check your Chain (Be sure your chain is lightly lubricated and clean, this will reduce drivetrain wear and replacement. If you have ridden in the rain, be sure to dry, clean and lubricate chain.

Ride Fun!

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