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A Great Day to Get Back on the Bike

Today’s a Great Day to Get Back on the Bike


Many of us have shared Queen’s sentiment of “wanting to ride my bicycle” but too often it was Nirvana that we  followed instead because there was always, “something in the way.” There can be a number of things that have
prevented you from getting back on the bike but in order to find time to start pedaling again look only to Smashing Pumpkins because “today is the greatest.”

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Issue #1 – Worried About Riding Prowess


You know the old adage about always being able to ride a bicycle – even if you’ve had a long layoff and don’t have the leg strength or spandex size you once did. The only way to really get comfortable back on two wheels is to start riding again but in the mean time you can build up your cardio through running, the treadmill, elliptical, etc.


Issue #2 – Embarrassed to Ride


It can be hard getting back on the bike mostly due to embarrassment – about your fitness levels, your riding skills, your confidence around cars, etc. The best thing is to simply start at some comfortable riding locations whether it be around the neighborhood or out on some trails. Bringing along a friend like the Fit Cyclist has proven to help build confidence and retain riding skills faster.


Issue #3 – You’ve Gotten Really, Really Out of Shape


First off, remaining off the bicycle is not going to help in that matter. Instead, just start slow by riding 2-3 times a week. It’s actually recommended to take a few breaks during the week to help recover your legs and to build butt strength back up. The first ride back is going to be the hardest but rest assured each consecutive one gets easier.


Issue #4 – You Don’t Have a Bike


With the advent of the Internet marketplace there’s no better time to be a rider looking for a bike. A number of communities are also starting bicycle refurbishing programs to promote better overall health and there are often some steals that can be had at garage sales or storage shed auction. If all else fails borrow a bike from a friend or neighbor to see if you’re truly ready to get back in the pedal of things.


Issue #5 – Biking Is Not Worth It


Maybe you’re thinking of joining a Crossfit program or starting a Spin Class to get back in shape instead and while it’s true that any fitness is good fitness, to many people there is no substitute for bicycling. For starters biking is great exercise and it’s something that can be enjoyed with the entire family. To a lot of riders biking is more about physical health though as a ride promotes great mental health – decompressing on a trail or enjoying the peace of a sunset ride. When you take into account that building up biking skills will eventually allow you to commute to work or to run errands, saving gas money and vehicle wear and tear there really aren’t many workout programs that offer that many benefits.


The final thing to know is that the Fit Cyclist is here to help in your journey. Contact us today to start developing a customized workout plan for where you are now and where you want to be. To quote Christopher Cross, it could be time to “ride like the wind.”

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