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My 10 Tips to Surviving the Holiday Weight Gain

My 10 Tips to Surviving the Holiday Weight Gain

balls-15415_640OMG It’s that time of year, the dreaded holiday weight gain season! Yikes!!! This is the time of year that most people pack on 4-7 lbs in a short period of time and struggle the whole rest of the year trying to shed it while adding to it the following year. No one wants to wrestle with that monster. So how do we avoid it and actually work towards staying on track or coming out of cookies season a few pounds lighter? Oh and son’t get me wrong, Let’s do this while still enjoying some of our favorite holiday treats while we are at it.

So here are my favorite tips to survive and enjoy it!

  1. Exercise 

Take your workout sessions seriously and schedule the time uninterrupted. This can be tough with traveling, family in town or kids off from school but very doable. Block off time each day in your calendar like it’s a mandatory doctors appointment. We will call it the avoid the doc appointment. Spend 30 -60 min getting your fit on. Don’t slip up for even a day and don’t think of it as a chore. Make it fun. You can even invite others to join you. This can be done in your home, hotel or at family’s house. You’ll need to as the holidays signify lots of high calorie rich foods.  Plus this will greatly reduce that dreaded holiday stress.

2. Plan Ahead

Plan out what you are going to eat and have for snacks and stick to it. Healthy snack choices will keep you from grabbing cookies and other treats when your hunger pangs strike.  If you’ll be running around, pack your healthy snacks with you and you’ll be prepared for whatever the day brings! Avoid doing things like starving yourself all day so you can chow down at dinner. This doesn’t work.

3. Easy on the Alcohol

If you drink, don’t drink in excess. Think ahead and plan. Remember your calorie count goes up drastically when you drink. Instead eat high protein and drink lots of water. It will help you burn off that fat much faster.

4. Portion Control

Moderation is key- portion control is the key to staying fit even in the holiday season. Yes, you do not get a free pass this time of year. Follow your portion control. If you are on the Fix or use the container system then follow it You will be successful! With a little portion control you don’t need to stay away from your favorite dishes but you can control the amount of food you eat.

5. Get Out!

Just because family is in town or you are away doesn’t mean you have to sit around the kitchen and make it all about food and drink. Get out and get moving! Get up early and take in the fresh air, go for a walk grab a dog or the kids and get your move on. If there is snow, go out and play in it. Whatever you do to get moving will help you lose those extra pounds.

6. Cook Healthy

It’s the holiday season but that doesn’t mean you have to eat unhealthy. There are so many delicious alternative recipes that will leave you feeling fresh and fit than lethargic and logy.  There are dozens of ways you can keep your food non-fatty. Also, use fresh or frozen fruit added to your desert over sugar and cream to sweeten things up naturally.

7. Avoid the Temptations

Conquer your cravings for unhealthy greasy fatty foods by keeping busy. Play a card or board game, read a book or go shopping at the mall with family or friends

7. Party Smartly

The holidays are filled with work friends and family parties but before you leave for one, eat a small clean snack and drink a t least 16ozs water so you don’t end up ravenous at the party. This will also help keep those nasty hunger pangs away.

9. Tighten it Up

Seriously, wearing a tight skirt or cinched belt will discourage you from eating too much. So wear tight fitting clothes as you will be more aware than wearing loose “room for more” clothing.

10. Accountability

Accountability is my favorite! It takes support during the holidays in staying on track and  preventing weight gain. Whether you’re super stressed about family or you need help with eating healthy, having someone you can turn to, to vent or help get you motivated, can help a lot. Check out one of my online accountability groups to keep you on track.

Above all Try to remain positive during this stressful time of the year. It is never easy but if you have a plan you will do much better than without. Have fun and enjoy!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

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